At the IAA – Frankfurt auto show, 2017? Lucky you. Hope your fleet aren’t bleeding. Ours aren’t. Just yet. But tomorrow is another day and if you’re heading to the show halls of the Messe, in our view these are the 10 UI/UX designs you need to check out:

1. Audi Aicon Gaze Selection
The best technology is indistinguishable from magic, of course. The gaze-selection interface in the Audi Aicon concept is the highlight of an otherwise slightly underwhelming vision for Level 5 autonomous travel. That it works, they’ll let you sit in, try it and it feels natural is what’s truly impressive.

2. Audi Aicon swarm lighting
Nope, it’s not truly ‘in-car’ UX but Audi’s ‘swarm lighting’ concept takes another step forward and is interesting to watch in action on the Aicon, forming the front and rear ‘faces’ of the car

3. Bentley Continental GT rolling centre screen
The centre screen — which can roll between screen, analogue gauges and a blank dashboard is something worth checking out — even if its quickly feels like a novelty and forces the airvents into a very dubious position.

4. VW ID Crozz
VW were telling anyone who would listen this car is going on-sale by 2020. But it won’t have this telescoping wheel and very light-touch tri-screen display layout. So catch that here, while you can. Next time we see it, it might have been ‘golf-ified’

5. BMW X7 iPerformance displays
Is the digital display in the vent an OLED? Sadly not, but still the integration of the small digital screen into the air-vent design on the huge X7 iPerformance concept, proves that Audi UI design can still influence BMW’s (we’re thinking about the TT’s integrated vent/control unit)…

6.  Mercedes-AMG Project One
Frankfurt loves a silly ‘race-car-for-the-road’, but we were more captivated by the interfaces, complete with the animated aero display shown on Concept One’s centre screen.

7. Mercedes S-Class bio-rhythm monitor
Ok it’s not actually called the bio-rhythm, but this Mercedes S-Class concept, complete with its “energizing coach” — and its desire to monitor your biometric data and keep track of your health, is worth a look

8. Audi A8’s screen mania
Audi throws away MMI-touch in favour of… yes, more screens in the new A8. But it’s ok, they have haptic feedback, so you clearly won’t get distracted while driving down an autobahn…

9. Kia ProCee’d Concept
Kia’s European design studio has a habit of hitting a home run with its concepts. The latest ProCee’d concept is little different, the UI design looks slick and very well judged. The seat ‘fabric’ and CMF design alone is worth poking your nose inside for

10. Renault Symbioz…inside a house
Yes, the Symbioz is autonomous with seats facing each other (seeing lots of this at Frankfurt), but Renault built a house for it, and then put it inside the house — and it goes up into a life and rolls out onto an elevated driveway. All of which makes it impossible to photograph, convey or (in truth) understand. But it’s more than worth a look. The seats in the house and car are covered in the same material

Enjoy, and if you’re at Frankfurt Wednesday, say hello.

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