If you work in the automotive user experience realm or as a user interface designer, then chances are you might have come across the first book from UsTwo Auto — the near future of in-car HMI. Published in 2014, it was the culmination of an extensive exploration into interface design in cars, and something that I — along with the rest of the team — supported in a background way, in my role as Research Lead at Car Design Research (CDR). At CDR, we’ve worked on a couple of collaborative project with UsTwo — the main one exploring the future of the cluster. You can see more on that here.

Today, UsTwo launches its second Auto book — Humanising Autonomy. This time, I’ve taken a bigger and more active role, contributing the entirety of Chapter 3 — “How did cars become robots?”. The obvious answer to that (pseudo) question is that they haven’t of course, at least not yet. But in chapter 3 of the new book, I look at the experience of today’s advanced driver assistance systems, how things are (or aren’t) working together in the car, and take a look at some of the historic and more recent autonomous concept cars. It all sits within the wider context of the book’s aim, to look at the human rather than technological side of how the auto industry moves towards autonomous vehicles.

The first UsTwo book created a dialogue around the industry that ran from Ford to Apple, into Citroen and onto the pages of Wired, Jalopnik, FastCompany and more. As we begin to explore autonomous vehicles in earnest, the team at UsTwo, me and Car Design Research are hoping this book will kick start another conversation, and help the industry focus in on the humans in the mix — the ones who will ultimately define, take ownership of, or perhaps even reject the autonomous vehicles of the future.

The book is free to download, on UsTwo’s site here:


We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  Happy reading.

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NB — InCarUX is a website exploring the present and future of the automotive user experience, founded and run by Joe Simpson. Joe’s main, day-to-day role is as Research Lead for Car Design Research, a unique consultancy working for the design groups of automotive OEMs, based in the UK. UsTwo is an international digital agency, with offices in London, New York, Malmo and Sydney. UsTwo Auto is led by Tim Smith, Harsha Vardan and Lexi Cherniavsky

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