About in-car UX.

In-car UX explores the future of the in-car experience.

The site offers:

A viewpoint on the state of in-car UX today

Perspectives on the experience provided by the latest new cars — both good and bad.

An image resource

We take hundreds of pictures of interfaces and other aspects that create the wider ‘UX’ in the cars both on the road, and at motor shows. We know some people will find access to those images useful.

Visions for future in-car UX

The car industry is changing fast. Nowhere more so than inside the car, and on its digital interfaces. We’ll showcase our own future visions, and help to promote and showcase the visions of others — via sketch galleries.

We hope you’ll find it interesting and useful. We’ll evolve as we go — so your input and feedback is welcome.

Say hello, show us some love.

If you find it useful, or have feedback, get in touch via email here:
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