Chris Bangle’s Redspace REDS: interface design video

Chris Bangle’s Redspace REDS — an ultra-compact vehicle for Chinese cities, was the talk of the LA auto show last week. We got the designers to give us a walk around, and while the vehicle design community gets in a froth about the exterior design, this video might interest the UX design community… Lest we […]

Care by Volvo — a truly end-to-end car UX?

Yesterday Volvo unveiled its new XC40 crossover. Heralded by motoring journalists as Volvo’s ‘Evoque’ moment, the XC40 — its exterior design was led by RCA graduate, Ian Kettle — certainly has  appealingly fresh looks. Yet while it’s this slightly different, fresh and more youthful flavour of Volvo that’s grabbing the headlines, the most interesting aspect […]

Frankfurt 2017: the 10 UI/UX designs you need to see

At the IAA – Frankfurt auto show, 2017? Lucky you. Hope your fleet aren’t bleeding. Ours aren’t. Just yet. But tomorrow is another day and if you’re heading to the show halls of the Messe, in our view these are the 10 UI/UX designs you need to check out: 1. Audi Aicon Gaze Selection The […]