Peugeot 3008 2017

At its Paris launch last October, the 3008 was talk of the show. The interior quality of this car is really stand-out. It feels special, it feels far beyond anything Peugeot’s done before and in an SUV setting, Peugeot’s i-Cockpit (small wheel, gauge cluster shoved up under the windscreen) is probably more accommodating to a greater number of users.

Unlike 208/308, the cluster is digital and we think Peugeot’s got this one almost spot on. Why? Because you can actually change what it displays rather than just faffing with the graphics. So if you just want to see speed, you can, or if you want a navigation map-style take over you can get that, or you can have it media-centric. Yes, the graphics can be fiddled with — the novelty is a pair of longitudinally rolling dials for speed and tach — which spin ‘into’ and ‘out’ of the screen, rather than arcing across it like tradition dials. They look nice, but are very hard to read at a glance and on the move.

Favourite element of the design is the piano-key menu shortcut buttons for the centre screen. They mean you’re doing a double hand movement — down to the button, then up to the screen but it works very well — certainly better than many touchscreens. Overall, we were very impressed — some more premium graphics and this would arguably be one of the best set ups out there on the market today.

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``i-Cockpit`` in Peugeot-speak
Digital cluster (in navigation mode)