Seat Ibiza 2017

The Ibiza is the first of the VW group products in the B-sector to come on the new platform. New platform, as ever, means new tech and the key headline in here for customers is the (optional) 8-inch capacitive touchscreen. It follows the VW group principals of being logical, clear and easy to use and — despite SEAT branded graphics for the buttons and menus, the maps will be familiar in their graphical appearance to anyone who’s driven a recent VW or Skoda product. Still, that’s not a bad thing.

The screen uses digital buttons, instead of physical menu keys — we think that’s a shame, these are harder to hit when on the move. And despite having online search functionality, it failed to find fairly obvious, recognised land marks and tourist attractions around Liverpool (where the car was launched).

Still, for ease of use, simple functionality and integration into the wider look and feels of the cabin, the new Ibiza is right up there, we think it’ll hold significant appeal to potential customers, and pulls-off the not so easy trick of feeling both modern (will appeal to younger buyers) and intuitive (so won’t put off less-tech native, older customers).

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