Volvo XC60 2017

If you’ve spent time in a XC90 or V/S90 then you’ll feel right at home in an XC60. Built on the same platform and running the same ‘Sensus’ touch system and digital cluster display, the big news here is that Volvo’s deigned to throw a bit of colour at the system, which removes some of the wire-frame like qualities of the way the thing looks.

It’s a relatively easy to use system — although some features and menus are buried as tiny icons in the secondary menu screens that you swipe left and right to access, from the main 4-tile home screen.

This is one of those set ups that’s reasonably user friendly, easy on the eye and has a very modern feel, but often frustrates with its not-as-easy-as-it-should be user-friendliness. Entering a navigation destination means jumping through several rather rigid hoops, which feel un-necessary and quite often have you reaching for the phone (which, it’s worth noting) runs very nicely via CarPlay and AnrdoidAuto alongside the native Volvo system.

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twist-to-start knob set-up feels unusual at first
Centre screen — now with added colour